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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Nokia 6305i Review

The phone is cool, nice interface, and nice stereo sound...
It has very loud and clear speaker phone and very long battery and talk time life.

The Stylish design was looks more like a design we're used to seeing from LG.
It is a slim and stylish phone but still has a slightly bulky headset. It is a totally new design for Nokia, which is good, but the features provided with this phone are a bit perplexing. It comes with a mega pixel camera, a speaker phone, and 3G support for Verizon's V Cast service. While Verizon usually restricts Bluetooth anyway, with this 3G phone it needs to step up to the plate and add the Bluetooth capabilities and the memory slot in order to attract the business crowd.

With Nokia and Pantech joined together as partners this is one of the first offerings from that partnership and, its unusual design serves up a taste of what the future my hold for Nokia lovers. This slider form factor with rounded corners is a huge step above Nokia's standard candy bar style phones of the past. This sleek, aerodynamic phone with bright silver color scheme is a bit hefty but that is normal for a 3G phone. Plus, the sturdily constructed phone fit well in the hand and is comfortable. The slider part of the phone strikes the perfect balance as it is easy to open with one finger but isn't too loose as to create a problem.

Many people were quite impressed with the Nokia 6305i's 2-inch-diagonal, 176x220-pixel display. Supporting 262,144 colors, it's among the brightest and most vivid displays we've seen on a phone of this caliber. It's great for showing off pretty much everything on the phone, and it's even somewhat visible in direct sunlight. You can change the backlighting time and the font size but not the brightness. The menu interface conforms to the standard design that Verizon is pushing on all its handsets. Although we give the carrier props for trying to make everything uniform across its lineup, there's no menu customization allowed, as well as nothing in the way of animation. What's more, we still can't imagine why the V Cast player is buried under a couple of submenus.

Below the Nokia 6305i's display are the quirky but still user-friendly navigation controls. Nokia has a history of tinkering with button layout (the Nokia 3200 and the Nokia 3650 come to mind), though the effect is not always successful. With the 6305i, however, the opposite is true. The circular keys are eye-catching, well sized, and tactile, and they didn't take a huge learning curve to use. Four keys are set in a ring, including two soft keys, the Talk and End buttons, and a Clear key. There's a small, round camera shortcut button, and in another un-Nokia move, the End key doubles as the power control. Inside the aforementioned key ring is a circular navigation toggle that doubles as a shortcut to the Get It Now menu, the Web browser, the V Cast launcher, and one user-defined shortcut. Finally, inside the toggle is an OK button.

The bad of this phone is it's has not Bluetooth or external memory slot, the Nokia 6305i's feature set is lacking. Also, picture quality wasn't too great.

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