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Friday, September 28, 2007

N71 Reviews

The Nokia N71 IS a multimedia device aimed AT the premium END OF the market. It IS an ALL around multimedia device WITH NO special focus ON music OR photo LIKE the N90 (photo) OR the N91 (music). The idea OF the phone AND Nseries IN general IS TO have one single device FOR entertainment, music, information AND capturing AND sharing pictures AND videos. The phone IS a 3G GSM 900/1800/1900 AND WCDMA 2100 phone, which means it has coverage ON up TO five continents.

The N71 Camera
The N71 has two cameras. The main camera IS a 2 megapixel camera (1600 x 1200 pixels) WITH a 20x digital zoom. The SECOND IS a VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) WITH a 2x digital zoom. I guess this IS NO Carl Zeiss, but technical specs seems good anyway. Propably better quality than a cheap digital camera. The camera has the following modes: still, sequence OR video.

Other settings included IS brightness adjustment, image quality, self-timer, white balance settings AND color tones. Video AND image editors ARE pre-installed AND you can upload images AND video clips TO the web.

The camera has a flash that operates up TO a range OF 1.5m. Flash modes ARE: ON, off OR automatic. WITH Nokia XpressShare, photos, video AND audio can be shared via email, MMS OR Bluetooth.

You can do video recording WITH 352 x 288 (CIF), 176 x 144 (QCIF) OR 128 x 96 pixels (SubQCIF) WITH a rate OF 15 frames per SECOND.

Active matrix 2.4 inch QVGA main display WITH 320 x 240 pixel resolution AND up TO 262,144 colors. The cover display IS 1.36€ WITH 96 x 68 pixels AND up TO 65,536 colors. The main display has automatic brightness control. The display quality IS nearly AS good AS the one ON the N91. The N71 UI (USER interface) elements, LIKE fonts AND icons should be very smooth.

The battery life IS usually a problem IN many advanced phones. A big screen, video recording, listening TO music AND USING applications reduces a lot OF the battery life. The Nokia N71 has a lithium Ion (Li-Ion) BL-5C Battery capacious OF 970mAh.

The battery life IS a clear disadvantage. I have been USING the Nokia 6630 FOR a while AND it has the same battery (BL-5C 900mAh). WITH normal USAGE this IS maybe enough, but turning bluetooth ON AND USING applications reduces a lot OF the battery life. Nokia promises talk TIME (GSM USAGE) up TO 4 hours AND stand-by TIME up TO 9 days. IN reality, this could mean a DAY OR two without recharging if you use ALL the functions actively.

Operating system AND Memory
The phone IS based ON Symbian OS (operating system), S60 (3rd edition, Feature Pack 1), LIKE many other Nokia smartphones.

The N71 has 10 MB OF internal dynamic memory. FOR comparison the 6680 has about 8 MB free RAM AND the N90 has 48 MB total RAM memory (about 20 MB RAM IS free FOR the USER). It IS always better WITH MORE memory AS this will allow developers TO CREATE MORE advanced software FOR the phone.

You can expand the phones storage capacity (FOR photos, music etc.) WITH a miniSD memory card (128 MB). The phone supports "hot swap" card insertion AND removal - you do NOT have TO shut down the phone WHEN removing the memory. Further the phone has a slot FOR a miniSD card OF up TO 2 GB (2 000 MB).

One MP3 music file IS about 5 MB AND the same music file IN AAC format IS propably less. This means the 2 GB miniSD card could store SOME 400 songs IN MP3 format AND maybe 700 songs IN AAC format (Apple has chosen the AAC AS the file format OR their iTunes Music Store).

Connections AND DATA transmission
The N71 IS equipped WITH FULL-speed USB 2.0 Pop-Port, Bluetooth 1.2 AND a IR-port (infrared). This IS a dual mode WCDMA/GSM AND triband GSM phone. This means it has coverage ON up TO five continents (GSM 900/1800/1900 AND WCDMA 2100 networks). The N71 automatically switches BETWEEN bands AND modes.

Data transmission speed reaches up TO 236.8 kbps IN EGPRS (EDGE) networks AND up TO 384 kbps IN 3G networks.

Though the N71 generates stereo sound, I still wouldn´t sell my iPod! The phone supports the following audio formats: WMA, MP3, eAAC+, AAC+, M4A, MPEG-4 ACC LC, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, 64 polyphonic MIDI, RealAudio Voice, RealAudio7, RealAudio8, RealAudio10. You can transfer music FROM your compatible PC WITH the Nokia Audio Manager, Windows Media Player, OR SOME other compatible PC software. The music player has an equalizer. You can share your playlists WITH your friends over Bluetooth, MMS, OR email.

With the Visual Radio you can listen TO music AND interact WITH a radio station. You can find out things LIKE what song IS playing, who sings it, AND other artist information. WITH the Visual Radio you can enter contests AND answer surveys, vote OR your favourite songs AND download songs. MORE here

Nokia does NOT mention anything about the support FOR a standard headphone (3.5 mm) AND I guess this means you have TO use the Nokia Audio Adapter included IN the sales package. The sales package also includes the Nokia Stereo Headset HS-23. If you buy the Stereo Audio Cable you can plug the phone INTO your home stereo. The Nokia Stereo Audio Cable CA-72AU has a 3.5 mm connector AND two RCA connectors FOR playing music FROM your compatible phone through a home etertainment system.

Nokia N71
For a multifunctional device, which serves AS a phone, MP3 player AND AS a digital camera the weight isn´t too heavy (139 g). The dimensions FOR the N71 ARE (98.6 x 51.2 x 25.8 mm). FOR comparison the N90 weights 173 grams AND IS one OF the biggest AND the heaviest Series 60 smartphones. Ericsson P910i IS 155 g AND the Nokia 9300 IS 167 g.

Keypad AND buttons
The keypad seems TO be OF good quality. It has a four way SCROLL KEY WITH center SELECT, two soft keys, application KEY, edit AND clear keys, send AND END keys AND a multimedia KEY FOR instant access TO your KEY application.

The active standby screen (also available IN the Nokia 6680) menu supports 5 icons AND provides quick access TO frequently used applications AND displays information, about CURRENT Calendar entries AND TO-Dos.

The Nokia N71 supports the new Nokia Web Browser WITH "Mini Map". According TO Nokia the browser has a semi-transparent zoomed-out overall VIEW OF the Web page allowing users TO quickly orient themselves navigate TO ALL corners OF the site AS well AS see the Web page AS it was originally designed. What that does that mean Anyway, the browser enables RSS feeds, so you can subscribe TO news AND receive regular updates.

[See Nokia N71 Full Specifications]

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