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Friday, February 20, 2009

Nokia 1202

Nokia 1202 Discover the power of simplicity, it's a slim, durable, and user-friendly handset.
Key Features:
- Design; slim and compact handset fits comfortably in your pocket and has a robust casing designed for everyday use.
- Ease of use; Enjoy hassle-free communication on the go with the large keymat, convenient shortcut keys, and user-friendly menu.
- Messaging; Choose an alternative way to get your message across by sending an SMS to those close to you.
- PIM; Keep on top of your busy life with the built-in calender, calculator, digital alarm clock, and phonebook.
- Flashlight; See what you're doing in the dark by simply turning your device into a handly flashlight.

* Form: Classic
* Dimensions: 105.3 x 45 x 13.1 mm
* Weight: 78 g (with battery)
* Volume: 61.74 cc
* Rounded shape brings the friendly and human feel for comfort and fits to the hand
* Subtle texture on back, which brings a fresh feeling to end user, gives a better grip and it protects the surface from scratches
* Coloured mesh is used on the earpiece area to emphasize the posiKeys and input methodtion and give a eye catching design detail
* Slim, round-edged design for a solid grip

Display and 3D
* Main display
* Size: 1.3"
* 96 x 68 pixels
* Black and white

Keys and input method
* Alpha numeric keypad
* Large, dust-resistant keymat

Colours and covers
* Available in-box colours:
- Midnight Black
- Violet Blue
* The color cover is exchangeable. But Nokia do not provide the Xpress-on™ color covers for Nokia 1202

* 2.5 mm AV
* Easy flash II connector

* BL-4C with 860mAh li Lion standard battery
* Talk time (maximum):
- GSM up to 9 h
* Standby time (maximum):
- GSM up to 636 h

Eco Declaration
* Small Sales box and compact UG

* 4MB internal memory

Operating frequency
* EGSM 900/ GSM 1800 , GSM850/1900
* Automatic switching between GSM bands

Data network
* Support 3GPP Rel 99 spec

* Voice & SMS service only

Call features
* Integrated hands-free speakerphone
* Number screening
* Automatic answer
* Any key answer
* Call waiting/hold/divert
* Call timer
* Logging of dialled, received and missed calls
* Automatic redial
* Speed dialling
* Fixed dialling number support
* Vibrating alert
* Mute/unmute
* Conference calling with up to 5 parties
* Call duration recorded and shown when a call is ended and there are history records for each call in call log list.

* Large SMS storage on phone - up to 60 SMS
* Support for up to 60 SMSs on SIM card
* List of recently used numbers in message editor
* Multiple SMS deletion
* Undo function for SMS deletion
* Picture messaging (send and receive) supported only
* Number screening for messaging
* Distribution lists for messaging
* Chat supported only. Don't support Instant Message
* Cell broadcast

Music and audio playback
* 2.5 mm Nokia AV connector
* Ring tones: mp3-grade and 32 polyphonic (built-in)

Voice and audio recording
* FR, EFR, HR and AMR
* Microphone

Personalisation: profiles, themes, ring tones
* Customizable profiles
* Ring tones: mp3-grade and 32 polyphonic (built-in)

Software platform and user interface
* S30
* Operating System - S30 software

Personal information management (PIM): contacts, clock, calendar etc.
* Storage of up to 200 contacts built in
* Support for contact groups
* Closed user group support
* Fixed dialling number support
* Clock: analog and digital
* Stopwatch
* Countdown timer
* Alarm
* Reminders
* Calculator
* Calendar with month view, up to 10 reminders
* Converter
* Localised calendar
* Prepaid tracker
* Menu, phone book view are supported during the call by pressing "Option"

* Chat is supported
* Nokia Applications

* Three build-in games
* Nokia 1202
* Nokia Battery (BL-4C)
* Nokia Charger (AC-3)
* Nokia Charger (AC--6C)+CA-100 only for China cluster
* User Guide

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