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Monday, June 18, 2007

Review of the Nokia 6500 Slide

Review at Glance:
So, what can you do with this phones? With this phone's features, you can:
- Take and share great pictures
Capture and share your images instanly and easily, in beautiful clarity.
- Enjoy practical elegence
Sleek, attractive styling in brushed stainless steel perfectly frames a beautiful large screen.
- Make video calls in a new way
Connect with whole groups of people with 3G TV conferencing, via TV-Out.

Key features:
- Imaging
A great handset package full of impressive technology.

- design
Smooth, slide action opens the phone, while a durable, brushed stainless-steel case with scratch resistant coating protects it.

- Connectivity
Share photos and videos, or enjoy 3G video calling with TV-Out. Upload images to Flickr and print them with PictBridge.

Like the classic, features an ergonomic keypad design.
Nokia's new 6500 Slide, one of two newly introduced 6500 series feature phones, is a brushed stainless steel clad slider phone that sports a 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera equipped with Carl Zeiss optics. Its stainless steel parts have been coated with a hard protective material to keep the stainless free of scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints. Other core features on this media-centric device include an FM radio, a music player, and a microSD memory card slot that can support the newer 4GB cards that are starting to become available. There is even a forward-facing low resolution camera hidden away in the earpiece on the front of the device that can be used for 3G video calling.

The 6500 Slide is equipped with a unique configuration of dual-band UMTS support on top of its more conventional quad-band GSM/EDGE support. This slider handset supports the normal 2100MHz band used in Europe and much of the rest of the world, as well as one of the two North American UMTS bands: 850MHz. This means that the 6500 Slide should be able to connect to just about any GSM network, and manage 3G UMTS connections in most parts of the world, where available, as well.

Other features of note on the 6500 Slide include Bluetooth, a TV output connection, and the ability to record VGA resolution video clips. Like the other two devices released today by Nokia, the 6500 Slide uses the new micro-USB connector for charging, headsets, and data connectivity.

A TV-out jack lets you view your video calls on a TV, making video calls more fun than before. The phone has a unique hard coating that prevents scratches or even fingerprints.

Also, Nokia 6500 Slide comes with an integrated FM radio feature complete with visual radio which allows the user to listen to their favourite radio station whilst interacting with the onscreen information. The visual radio information is provided by the radio station & provides information on the music being played, the weather, news & much more. The built in music player provides a private music experience for the user to relax to, using the headset included in the kit. The user can download their favourite tracks from the Internet or transfer music files from their personal computer using the connectivity options available. The user can enjoy MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC+ & WMA music formats on their Nokia 6500 Slide. The phone supports polyphonic, MP3 & video ringtones which the use can be change to suit the user's ringtone style. The user can access the Internet for new music or information using the built in Opera Mini browser which allows the user to enjoy a mobile Internet experience at any time. The 6500 Slide comes with a voice activate command feature & with a push to talk call feature. The push to talk call feature allows the user to communicate when on a call by using the phone volume key to work like a walkie talkie style call. The user can hold down the key when talking & on releasing the key the user can hear their contact talking back, which is a fun way to communicate. The user can select the flight mode option on their handset when in restricted mobile phone areas which will automatically turn off the phones transmission related features & activities.

The user can use the text message service which is known as SMS messaging to send text input messages & picture messages to their friends & family. The Nokia 6500 Slide supports push email which provides the user with a direct email service on their mobile phone & the service allows the user to send & receive emails with attachments. The user can access their instant messaging service from the messaging menu which provides the user with a messaging service which allows the user to have an online chat with an instant messaging contact when the contact is online. The multimedia messaging service which is known as MMS allows the user to easily share their photos & video recording with other MMS compatible contacts. The MMS message allows the user to create, send, edit & receive messages containing text & sound with either a video recording or a still photo. The MMS message can contain sound in the form of a recorded voice clip for an audio messaging experience or music to enhance the photo or video being sent to the contact. The user can have fun creating & receiving a wide range of messages on their Nokia 6500 Slide.

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